Chennai-based developer’s app “Calzy 3” wins Apple design award

A Chennai-based developer has won a design award for his app “Calzy 3” at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018.

Developed by Raja Vijayaraman, “Calzy 3” is a highly customisable calculator that uses iOS technologies to offer features like Multitasking, Face ID and Touch ID.

“This helps privately viewed saved history and bookmarks, Drag & Drop to share results in other apps, iMessage integration, Spotlight search for bookmarked results, iCloud Sync and Handoff, to help you perform day-to-day mathematical calculations in a more elegant way,” Apple said in a statement late on Tuesday.

“Today people across 150+ countries use my apps and I just received an Apple Design Award. Thanks to Apple’s @AppStore and huge shout out to Apple community for being passionate, inspiring and helpful,” Mr. Vijayaraman tweeted on Wednesday.

“When I started this journey five years back, I had no contacts, zero experience selling software, no college degree on programming and UI/UX designing.

“The only assets I had was — an understandable family and a friend, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and some passion to do apps,” he added.

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