Apple raises iPhone prices by up to 3.6%

Within days of the government increasing customs duty on mobile phones, tech major Apple has raised prices of the iPhone by up to ₹3,210 across models.

It has also increased the prices of Apple Watch by up to ₹2,510, according to information available on Apple website. The maximum retail price (MRP) of the 256GB version of iPhone X has been raised by ₹3,210 to ₹1,08,930.

The price of iPhone 6 (32GB) has been increased 3.6% (₹1,120) and will now cost ₹31,900. The increase in MRP is applicable on all iPhone models, except the iPhone SE, which is being assembled in India by Wistron.

The iPhone SE is priced at ₹26,000 (for 32 GB) and ₹35,000 (for 128 GB). The Apple Watch will also be costlier by roughly 7.9%, as customs duty on smart watches and wearables, too, have been raised in the Budget.

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